With two girls, Pigtails (which encompases not just the girls, but family) seemed fitting and Popcorn (food,food,food) our all time favorite snack  seemed like the perfect tribute to what I love dearly!

What Is This Site All About?

This site is about a couple things.
First, it is my playground! (admititly when I can get to it!) A place for me to write and share my thoughts and experiences with others. A place where you will hopefully find encouragement, motivation, comfort, relatability (is that a word?), or maybe a new perspective. Take what you need!

Second, this site is a place for people to check out the services I offer and register for classes/events! 

Qualifications & Experience

Upon graduating high school I worked in an office, learning first hand how challanging (not impossible) it can be to plan and prepare for a healthy lifestyle.
After moving out and having to cook for myself, I new that I didn't want every meal to come from a box! I became very interested in food and decided to persue a degree in Culinary Arts. I graduated high honors from Le Cordon Bleu, Scottsdale AZ and have since gotten to experience different aspects of the food industry, including: private chef, catering, high volume retail food sales, food in the healthcare industry, food consulting for a small market with a "real food" focus and teaching people how to cook.
The birth of my second child (and the growing number on the scale) prompted me to really examine my priorities in life, step back and re-align.
As a wife and mother I try my best to be a good example and not just to educate but to help my children to see the value of staying active and making healthy choices so that it will become just a regular part of life. Sometimes that comes easily and sometimes it takes a little work! What's important is to do the best we can and know that it is worth it.
I have spent the last few years empowering people in the kitchen and helping them to make some healthy changes. When I'm not doing that I am with my family,working on my new (old) house or spreading the love of wine!

I have gotten to meet some wonderful people though food and the wine business and regulary get to enjoy great food and wine with friends!